I.U. Jean Paul Appel Guéry, Bachelor degrees in Science and in Psychology.
University professor, writer, musician, comic-strip scenarist,
author of books on parapsychology.
(Definition of the French National Library)

In the doctoral thesis of Mr. Thomas Le Taillandier de Gabory in 2015 "The medical vocation: a call to heal?", we can see that the call to heal the body resonates strongly with the call to heal the soul, which is the topic treated in this site. A call to heal the soul, what is it for? Maybe with 7% of suicides or suicide attempts per year just for the French population, and one suicide every 40 seconds in the whole world, it may be necessary to consider complementing solutions to what has already been done, although insufficiently, for this endemic malaise that does not seem to find a solution in spite of more than 150 million boxes of Valium sold each year in France. The uneasiness comes from the fact that the old reference figures need to give way to the new ones, as if the global planetary mutation was trying to readjust to the speed of the galaxy (700 km per second). It is necessary to understand that humanity can evolve thanks to those who dare to complement the old norms with new notions. Beyond the comments, criticisms, gossip, threats, attacks that are commonplace in this world and assumed by some people for over 50 years, we need to be in tune with the current era. From this viewpoint, we notice, throughout the world, and especially in France, that if certain populations are forgotten by the powers-that-be, it is perhaps the job of local administration instances to mind them, as these instances, like "mothers", take care of the financial and material welfare of citizens; yet is is above all the job of those who could be called "fathers", as they must take care of the energetic and spiritual well-being of the governed. One may laugh sarcastically about the "yellow vests" but this cannot mask the real problem, which is that of true evolution available to each individual, as this evolution alone can lead to quiet mind and inner satisfaction. The Cosmic Junction Programme has been happily applied for the Timeless Travellers who have learned to use it in their own personal evolution. (View the Testimonies)
Here is the summary of the action already useful for thousands of people.

For those who have already suffered enough,
and who want to rise to more conscious and clearer levels.
Those who already know and work on themselves,
on others, for the present and the future.

1-Head 2-Heart 3-Body 4-Imperious System

Truth for the Head

Unitary Science Institute

Goodness for the Heart

Unitary Science Workshops

Beauty for the Body

Virtual Worlds, Club Qualitativelife

Mastery for the Material Bases

1- Learning about the importance of Resonators

2- Creation of Resonators

3- List of Resonators already created:

1- Resonators of the Animal level
2- Resonators of the Vegetable level
3- Resonators of the Mineral level
4- Resonators of the Mecanian level
(Robots near us)
5- Resonators of the Metallian level
(Vehicles, ships, aeroplanes)
6- Resonators of the Metralian level
(All the material constructions)


This first piece of information will soon be completed with a 2nd part, a 3rd part and a 4th part. If you want to be kept informed of the remaining parts, just leave an email address so that we can tell you about future releases. Leave your details by clicking here.


For those who know a little but do not work because they do not have the necessary economic or
psycho-emotional means, yet mostly because they do not know where to start.
Transmission of fundamental information that makes it possible to re-situate the individual programme one has to accomplish despite the crises of society in search of its evolution.


For those who do not know and who survive with difficulty in the midst of climatic, political,
economic, social issues under pseudo-truths from school, religions and media.
Promoting personal balance and stability in their lives, so that they can complement themselves by opening up to other sources of information in order to better prepare themselves to help those in need.


For those who have not suffered enough yet, and who want to continue to sink
in the dark sewers of the collective unconscious by still pursuing fame or excessive power
until they end up killing each other
(politics, army, multinational companies).
New awareness of the underhanded manipulation processes that lead to all the destructive conflicts.